2022–2023 Board of Directors & Officers

Ken Antonetti
  • Chiropractor and Owner of Spine Well Chiropractic

Jim Lampl
  • Property Owner, Rosemary Square

  • Board President

David Lough
  • Rosemary District Resident

Brett Morris
  • Rosemary District Resident

Kinsey Robb
  • Rosemary District Resident

Bob Rothbard
  • Rosemary District Resident

  • Board Treasurer

Josh Weiner
  • Property Owner, CitySide​


The Board of Directors is currently holding in-person meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30–7:00 pm at DreamLarge’s office at 513 Central Avenue. Anyone who isn't fully vaccinated is requested to attend via Zoom. Online-only meetings will be held as needed.

RDA Members who wish to observe the Board Meeting or to make a brief presentation should contact the Board President at RDA.prez@gmail.com.

Please Contact Us with suggestions for Board action and issues we need to address.

Meeting minutes are posted here after they have been approved at the next meeting.

Would you be interested in serving on the Board? Click here for more information.