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2019–2020 Board of Directors

Howard Davis

Grace Howl
  • Business Owner and Rosemary District Resident for 2½ years

  • Owner, Grace Howl Contemporary Art

  • Board Responsibilities: Business Alliance

​"Rosemary District seemed the perfect up and coming area in Sarasota to live and work. I love being able to walk around here and downtown. I’m hopeful we can attract more businesses to join our growing neighborhood."

Jim Lampl
  • Business Owner/Property Owner in Rosemary District for 5 years

  • Partner, Rosemary Square

  • Board Responsibilities: Business Alliance and Open Space Committee

"Why Rosemary? One of the most exciting areas of the city. My goal as a member is to contribute to the evolution of the district."

David Lough
  • Rosemary District Resident for 3 years

  • Board Responsibilities: Open Space Committee

"Special, unique and diverse. Becoming even better through civic engagement and collaborative efforts. Looking forward we all see an even better, greener and vibrant Rosemary District."

Ryan McBride​
  • Not-for-Profit Organization, 12 Springs Church, in Rosemary District 4 years

  • Pastor, 12 Springs Church

  • Board Responsibilities: Community Events Committee

"We planted our church in the Rosemary District to serve the community and to connect with and support local artists. I love the diversity of our community, the art, and the caring people!"

Richard A. Mones M.D.
  • Rosemary Resident since 2005 (part time), full time since 2013

  • Board Responsibilities: President; Liaison to The Bay and Governance Committees

"My wife and I chose to live in the Rosemary District in 2005 because of the potential of the neighborhood and the proximity to The Bay and the downtown."

Sue Stewart
  • Rosemary District Resident for 2 years

  • Board Responsibilities: Vice President; Community Relations Committee

"I enjoy being part of a team to create solutions for community needs, to involve various and diverse individuals, and to enhance relationships with city staff and elected officials which allow us to make our neighborhood better. I believe that we can all come together with good intention for growth and positive change.  I am committed to the diversity, uniqueness, and rich history of our neighborhood."

Moriah Taliaferro
  • Rosemary District Resident for 6 months

  • Board Responsibilities: Open Space and Community Events Committees

"I moved to the District because I wanted to be a part of its new advent! I find much joy being a part of the excitement, culture and identity that is organically unfolding!"

Debbie Trice
  • Rosemary District Resident for 2½ years

  • Board Responsibilities: Secretary; Communications and Governance Committees

"My goal on the Board is to build on Rosemary District's small town 'vibe' by encouraging everyone to get involved in our growing community."

The Board of Directors generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room at Hotel Indigo. The next meetings are scheduled for:

  • February 11

Meeting minutes are posted here after they have been approved at the next meeting.

Members of the Rosemary District Association are welcome to attend as observers. Members who would like to address the Board should contact the Board President one week before the meeting to ask for time on the agenda.

Would you be interested in serving on the Board? Click here for more information.