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January One Question Survey

Take a look at Rosemary District Association's "Guiding Principles" and tell the new Board of Directors your Top 3 priorities. Share additional guidance, if you wish. The survey is here.

November/December Survey Responses

Most people were too busy celebrating the holidays to tell us how they were celebrating. But we must include a "shout out" to the person who cruised from India to South Africa and then went on a post-cruise safari.

October Survey Responses

We asked what time and day of the week Community Meetings should be held. Everyone agreed that weekday evenings were best. There was no clear preference among the suggested times. 

September Survey Responses

The September Survey asked what topics and/or speakers you'd like at future Community Meetings. There were very few responses. Two were traffic-related; that will be the subject at our meeting on November 14. Other suggestions concerned Parking (2), Homelessness (2), Sarasota's Sustainability Program vis-à-vis Climate Change, plans to improve Walkability, Public Art in Rosemary District, and the History of the neighborhood.

August Survey Responses

The August survey asked what types of business you'd like to see open in Rosemary District. Food-related businesses were at the top of the list. Of 56 individual suggestions, 39 were food and/or beverage related. Restaurants took the top slot, followed by bakeries and prepared foods to go. For the latter, some respondents were very specific, citing Morton's, Piccolo in Gulf Gate and Mazzaro's in St. Pete. A fresh fish market, fresh produce and flower market, brewery, craft distillery and bars with outdoor games finished up the food and beverage category.


There were 4 suggestions for entertainment venues (theater, live music), 10 retailers (boutique, craft shop, florist, gift shop, hardware store, pharmacy and Pandora) and 5 services (Bank of America, dry cleaner, fitness studio, medical offices, tailor/cobbler).


15 total Restaurant: Coffee shop (2), Authentic Pizza/Italian Restaurant (2), Chinese sit-down restaurant (not cheap take-out), Mexican restaurant, Breakfast spot, Casual restaurant, Panera

9 total Bakery: including Bread bakery and coffee shop, Coffee and pastry shop, French bakery

8 total Prepared food: Italian grocery like Mazzaros in St Pete, Italian market like Piccolos in Gulf Gate, Italian deli, Italian sub shop, Morton's, small version of Morton's, Small butcher deli & high end homemade food to go, high end food market, Jewish deli

3 total Market including fresh fish market, fresh produce and flower market

4 total Bar: Brewery, Craft Distillery and bar,Bars with outdoor games



2 total Music Venue (live)

2 total Theater: Independent movie theatre like Burns Court



3 Clothing: Boutique, women's clothing store, Women’s clothing boutique

1 Craft shop with both supplies & classes

1 Florist

1 Gift shop

1 Hardware store

1 Pandoras

2 Pharmacy; drug/convenience store



1 Bank of America branch

1 Dry cleaner

1 Fitness studio with spin class

1 Medical offices

1 Tailor/cobbler