Nominees for the 2021–2022 Board

There are 9 seats on the Board of Directors of the Rosemary District Association. Five seats are reserved for members who are Residents. Four seats are reserved for representatives of businesses and not-for-profit agencies located in Rosemary District and Rosemary District property owners (Other Stakeholders).

The term of office is one year. To ensure continuity from one Board to the next, the individual serving as Board president remains on the Board for an additional year. Therefore, 8 Board seats are up for election each year.

This year, we will have 5 nominees for 4 Resident seats, and 4 nominees for 4 seats for Other Stakeholders. Debbie Trice, the president of the 2020-2021 Board, will continue on the 2021-2022 Board in a Resident seat.

Top 3 Areas the Nominees Want to Focus On in the Year Ahead

  • Business Community (promote local shopping, advocate for Rosemary District businesses, etc.):   Antonetti, Morris

  • Community Engagement (events, communications, outreach, etc.):   Lough, Antonetti, Lampl, Morris, Pallegar, Weiner

  • Creative Placemaking (public art, arts and culture, the creative community, etc.):   Gregory, Pallegar

  • Greenspace (parks, street trees, connection to The Bay Park, community gardens, etc.):   Gregory, Lough, Marshall, Antonetti, Weiner

  • Housing (affordability, accessibility and diversity, homeless encampments, etc.):   Knowles

  • Land Use & Development (new construction, historic preservation, zoning, etc.):   Knowles, Marshall, Morris, Weiner

  • Safety & Neighborhood Care (crime, cleanliness, lighting, etc.):   Marshall, Lampl, Pallegar

Nominees and their Candidate Statements

Each nominee was asked to briefly respond to two questions:

  1. Why I am running for a seat on the RDA Board and what I'd like to help RDA accomplish during the upcoming year 

  2. Relevant skills and/or experiences that I will bring to the Board 

Nominees for Resident Board Member and their Statements

Emmett Gregory 

  1. I am running for a seat on the RDA Board to help make a public park a reality in our neighborhood. I also hope to contribute to the board's efforts to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and general walkability. I hope to bring a young voice to the board that will represent the district's many younger residents. 

  2. I am a landscape architect working in the City on a wide variety of public park and streetscape projects throughout southwest Florida. I have experience working on all aspects of park development and would bring valuable knowledge of the park planning and construction process to a seat on the board. I also serve on the City's Public Art Committee, working with the City and developers on their contributions to the City's pubic art collection. While serving on the board this year I served as treasurer of the RDA and contributed to progress towards the Rosemary District park development. 


Raymond Knowles

  1. I see it as an opportunity to serve the community in which I live. 

  2. When I lived in New York City, I was appointed to the local Community Board which dealt with many of the same issues that the Rosemary District Association addresses. Those included housing, land use (zoning), homelessness, and transportation. 


David Lough

  1. I have been an active RDA committee chair for 3 years...have been on board for two years. Seeking to run again to contribute toward implementation of a number of initiatives set-in-motion during 2020. 

  2. RDA Board membership... I'd like to feel I made a number of significant contributions to the board during 2019 and 2020. During the past 2 years I have developed good relationships with city commission members and city staff. Additionally I serve on the Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) board and have been the RDA representative to both DSCA and the Coalition of City Neighborhoods. 


Mike Marshall

  1. Very concerned about the look of Rosemary District for residents having space to enjoy 

  2. I’m a commercial real estate investor and a manufacturer of large equipment 

Brett Morris

  1. I'm looking to learn and contribute. I see the RD as a model of downtown living and business for cities this size, and I want to be a part of shaping that future. The whole area seems to be on the cusp of something great if we can keep it in the right direction, and this neighborhood is a critical piece in that. 

  2. Born and raised in Austin, Texas I've seen what works and doesn't in a growing downtown. As a business owner and extensive traveler I've seen how other cities have succeeded and failed. We need safety, walkability and community engagement in addition to good business for city's soul to thrive. I've been on other boards and am a good collaborator. 

Nominees for Stakeholder Board Member and their Statements


Kenneth Antonetti, Spine Well Chiropractic 

  1. Rosemary District is a growing community that I am proud to be a part of. I would like to do my part to ensure that Rosemary continues to be a place of growth for businesses while maintaining a strong sense of community among its residents through engaging neighborhood events and increasing greenspaces within the district. 

  2. My volunteer history as an event organizer for my graduate school involved creating schoolwide events with attendance of up to 300 students at a time. More recently working as a physician these past 4 years, has helped me learn to communicate effectively with patients of all backgrounds. These are the relevant skills that I can bring to the RDA Board so that together we can continue to improve our community. 


Jim Lampl, Rosemary Square LLC

  1. To continue the momentum 

  2. Critical thinker, project oriented, long history of Rosemary involvement 


Anand Pallegar, DreamLarge

  1. It would represent a personal honor to contribute my time and energy towards advancing the Rosemary District as an accessible, culturally diverse, vibrant neighborhood in the Downtown core. I've been actively involved in the City of Sarasota for the past 15 years, both as a business owner, property owner and community advocate, across initiatives such as the YPG, Downtown After 5, PINC, Partners for Green Places and Blvd Bike name a few. I operate several companies in the Rosemary District that employ individuals who are truly vested in the future success of our city.

  2. I currently serve on the board of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, the Advisory Board of Selby Botanical Gardens & WSLR+Fogartyville and have been leading awareness and outreach efforts for The Bay since its inception. I hope to bring my strengths in community, business, and marketing to advance the RDA's objectives and deliver meaningful outcomes across the neighborhood as a whole.

Josh Weiner, CitySide

  1. I am running for a seat on the RDA Board because of my passion for The Rosemary District and a belief in our potential to be the most dynamic, live-able neighborhood in Sarasota. As Principal of The Longboat Group, Owner of CitySide apartments and the forthcoming Bayside Club, the future of the neighborhood is deeply important to our business and to me personally. Thus far, the RDA has successfully gained traction with important initiatives, including a centrally-located park, and fostered a true sense of community in the district. I hope to support the RDA's momentum and contribute towards our progress. 

  2. Marketing, legal, and land development.