Join a Committee

The real work of making Rosemary District a better place to live, work and play happens in the committees. That's where Rosemary District Association members and friends come together to achieve the specific goals they care most about.


Listed below are committees that are currently active. Consider joining one. Or propose forming a new committee or project team.


Business Alliance

How can we help each other?


Help spread the word about what's happening in Rosemary District: neighbor-to-neighbor, website, social media, photos, videos, posters, PR. We are actively seeking new members. No prior experience required.

Community Events

Plan great neighborhood events and make them happen!

Community Relations

To foster relationships and dialogue between residents, business owners, police staff, social service providers and other stakeholders in the Rosemary District to foster safety, inclusion, understanding, and hospitality.

Liaison to The Bay 

Develop synergy between Rosemary District and our future neighbor across US-41.

Nominating Committee

Established each November, this committee recruits community members to run for seats on the Board of Directors, administers the nomination process and runs the election in February.


Open Space

We’ve identified an attractive park parcel at the center of the Rosemary District and developed an early design concept shown here for this park. We are working closely with city government to make a Rosemary park a reality. We continue to engage with the city and property owners on ways to add trees and greenspace throughout Rosemary District.


Contact Us to join a committee, learn more about a specific committee, or find out about starting a new committee.